Our Tartan Symbols

The Double Dragon Symbol:

The Scottish believe dragons united earthly powers with celestial forces, guarding the gates to the nether worlds, protecting the treasure (both material and spiritual) and controlling the earth’s energies.

The Double Dragon symbolizes strength and protection (or power). They are the source of spiritual centering and self-discovery (the balance between them) and a return to Mother Earth. They guard and protect all of the earth and its inhabitants.

The Triskelion Celtic Symbol:

The Triskelion Celtic symbol means dealing with competition and man’s progress. The individual triskele (one of the three circular symbols) has two components of symbolism.

The first component is a concept of motion and is positioned in such a way so the symbol appears to be in constant forward motion.

The second component is the three circular symbols and is thought of as three protrusions (legs, angles, branches, etc.) and its significant symbolic importance. Depending on era, region and mythological history, there are various representations and meanings. One is that of the Spirit, Mind, Body, or the Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

The significance of this is that the two components (motion and the three protrusions) tell the story of continued forward motion in an endeavor to reach understanding.

In other regions, the Triskelion is thought of being three-legged encompassing the concept of motion, evolution and knowledge. The triple spiraled Triskielion is known as the spiral of life, depicting the confluence of personal growth, human development and spiritual expansion.

The Kenaz Rune Symbol:

The basic meaning of the Scottish Symbol of “Kenaz” (the phonetic sound of Kenaz is the hard “k” sound) is torch or knowledge. The magical and divinatory meaning of this rune is “source of light” (light is the symbol of hope), knowledge (of the outer, intellectual kind), guidance, a beacon, a lighthouse, learning, skills and talents, education, revelation, exploration and discovery.

The Kenaz Rune can help one gain access to knowledge (cunning), skills and craftsmanship. It can help man find talents one did not even know they had and to express well and clearly new ideas.

The Kenaz Rune gives the power to create one’s own reality and opens up access to new strengths, energy and power.

The Tartan Knot Symbol:

This symbol represents protection. It is used to ward off evil and sickness. The Celtic Shield Knot was placed near ill people or emblazoned on warrior’s battle shields and on children’s clothing for warding off evil spirits and any other danger. Its uniqueness lies in its four distinct corners.

The four corners represent the four gods of sky (An), universe (Anki), heaven (Enlil) and earth (Nintu). All of these gods can help mankind, but they also have the power over them if mankind doesn’t heed their edicts and can rage storms against humanity or humanities enemies.

The Knot is usually shaped as a square or appears to be a square within a circle. Celtic knots are all with no beginning or end representing the infinity of life. This four-cornered symbol is related to the solar cross one of the most ancient spiritual symbols in the world.

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